About Me

Social Work has been something I've done since my very young years according to my great grandmother. With such a natural skillset it became second nature to follow it up with educational accomplishments. 


My multicultural family consists of 2 social workers, a soldier, an athlete and an artist. Life is challenging for me as well as those I assist in therapeutic services. The key is having a well stocked tool box of coping techniques that helps us overcome those obstacles of life.     

As a person I have experienced loss, love, death, family blending, relocation, family trauma, family drama, medical malpractice, cancer, kidney disease, mental health diagnosis, psychiatric medication side effects &  changes, racial "shaming" & advocacy, poverty, government assistance program, and homelessness. I am sure some experiences are not listed but the list of experiences are as long as I am tall.


On the back of those experiences I can stand and tell you that I am stronger, happier, and healthier than I have ever been. And my goal is to help others breakthrough their life stalls and see happier healthier days for themselves.  

Chicago, IL 60640


Tel: 312-736-2948


Instagram - @lorenspsychology

Appointment times vary upon request and availability.

Apologies for no insurance accepted at this time. 

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