Mental Health Specialist|Case Manager|Clinical Supervisor


Individual Group

Give yourself the opportunity to connect with someone that has the ability to help you learn a better you. 



Everyday problems related to career, education, family, finances, relationships can become too much to handle. Together we can figure the best way to go about making the right decision for each particular situation.



Daily mail, insurance options, aging services, completing documents, and/or advocacy. Without adequate resources these chores can become overwhelming. 


Loren's Psychology

My Approach

I work from a place of empowerment, compassion and empathy to assist in improving your happiness. We can work to enhance coping solving skills, emotional identification and understanding of behaviors and thinking patterns.  

About me

Social Work has been something I've done since my very young years, according to my great grandmother. With such a natural skillset it became second nature to follow it up with educational support. 

Getting Help

It can be difficult to process the decision of needing to become mentally "better" but it gets easier with the assistance of a devoted professional, like myself. And best of all I will come to you. I make house-calls to your trusted location.  

The measure of success is not whether you have a tough problem to deal with but whether it is the same problem you had last year.

John Foster Dulles